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The Falls are Hidden



Like so many others, Central Texas is a place to get away. For many of us as kids, and for our own kids, it's more than that.  It's a kind of spiritual place. A place for learning, experiencing and a place to grow closer to nature and to God. So, when it was time for our kids to go to church camp, we were excited for them.

We would travel from Dallas down Highway 281 and head for camp. I remember picking up the kids and it was non-stop chatter until stopping at Whataburger for lunch. We heard story after story of hiking, fishing, canoeing and getting to know friends. And experiencing the touch of God on hillsides overlooking the water. Each year the kids grew. 

On the way back, we frequently spent the night in Marble Falls. There, we would talk with other families who were headed back home from camp. Stories were similar. They were enriching. They had all experienced the best of Central Texas.

As empty nesters, we decided in 2006 to make Central Texas our home. Living the good life all of your life is a good choice. It's been a place for us to grow as well. Today, Central Texas is growing, but still offering its excitement and solitude for all. We felt like Marble Falls could benefit from a special place to stay, so welcome, to

Hidden Falls Inn. 

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